Crack Weeder


(fits the Schmutzhaken-DirtHook Outdoor Broom)

NO MORE pulling out weeds on your patio on your hands and knees! 

What is the Crack Weeder?

The Crack Weeder fits the Schmutzhaken-DirtHook Outdoor Broom to dig out pesky weeds in-between cracks and grooves of your patio, walkway, driveway stone or cement work.


  1. Install the Crack Weeder by inserting the opening over the Broom Head handle socket.  
  2. Then just position the point of the Crack Weeder perpendicular to the broom head when you want to get rid of those pesky weeds in-between the crack and grooves of your patio stones or cement work, walkway or driveway.  TIGHTEN the screw so that the Crack Weeder stays in position
  3. To dig out the weeds in the grooves, ‘PULL’ the Schmutzhaken-Dirthook broom towards you.  As the Crack Weeder digs out the weeds from the groves, the broom sweeps up the mess!  NO NEED TO GET ON OUR HANDS AND KNEES to dig out those pesky weeds!
  4. When finished, untighten the Crack Weeder screw and position the Crack Weeder out of the way by turning the Crack Weeder parallel to the broom head.  Tighten the screw again to have it stay in position and out of the way when using the broom normally.