One Second Plumber


One Second Plumber clears most blocked or slow-moving drains, toilets, bathtubs, showers and more instantly, powering through everything from soap to hair to grease without the use of harsh chemicals.  Environmentally friendly, it contains no harmful acids or lye. Safe to use if you have a septic system and for use on all sound plastic and metal plumbing.

Schmutzhaken Dirt Hook


Perfect for outdoor patios, driveways, decks, flower beds, dirt pathways, cement and garage floors, lawns, even cleans out the back of your PICK-UP truck. Cleans up snow, sawdust, debris, dirt, leaves, and much more with ease. Made in Germany, this durable patented broom works as a rake but also as a broom, all at the same time. Outdoor Broom 16” Indoor Broom 11″

Golden Gark


The Golden Gark® is a multifunctional garden tool and the most versatile we know. With its ergonomic design, the Golden Gark® unifies a rake, a shovel and a sieve. The Golden Gark® is ultra lightweigt (800g) and extremely durable. Manufactured in the Netherlands, the Golden Gark® is made of flexible as well as strong material. Discover the diverse applications of the Golden Gark® – no more switching between tools, no more bending over.

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