Q: I’ve followed the instructions and the blockage has not cleared. What now?
A: Apply 3 or 4 quick bursts rather than a single one second burst. (Make certain there is water covering the cap, the overflow is covered and there is a good seal at the drain.) If the drain is still blocked there may be a solid obstruction requiring the services of a plumber.

Q: Why is it important to block the overflows in sinks and tubs?
A: The overflow opening is directly connected to the drain outlet. If it is not blocked the gases from One Second Plumber will simply escape out the overflow and not apply pressure to the blockage. Note: the second drain opening in a double sink must be blocked for the same reason.

Q: Can the pressure from One Second Plumber cause damage to plumbing?
A: No. Plastic and metal drainage systems installed to standard building code will not be harmed by One Second Plumber.

Q: Why should I buy a One Second Plumber Starter Kit for 20 – 25 bucks when other products are available for a third of that?
A: The 12 SHOT One Second Plumber Starter Kit will clear up to 12 drains, making the cost per drain for around $2.00 – a lot less expensive than any other alternative out there including calling a plumber.  Also, many of the alternatives contain chemicals which are harmful to the environment and even dangerous to handle.

Q: When my One Second Plumber runs out, do I need to buy the whole kit? The other pieces that come with it are still good.
A: You can buy a Refill Can of One Second Plumber at most dealers and continue to use the Universal Adapter and Extender Handle for your Starter Kit. The Refill Can should clear up to 12 drains (your original Starter Kit is rated at 24 drains.)

Q: Do you accept Returns?

A: Please contact your retailer for product return should you have any questions. Or email us at sales@isicanadainc.com