Schmutzhaken-Dirthook Outdoor Broom




There simply is NO other broom like this !

GETS IN WHERE other PUSH BROOMS just can’t

Perfect for outdoor patios, driveways, decks, flower beds, dirt pathways, cement and garage floors, lawns, even cleans out the back of your PICK-UP truck with ease. Cleans up snow, sawdust, debris, dirt, leaves, and much more with ease.

Made in Germany, this durable patented broom works as a rake but also as a broom, all at the same time.

Outdoor Broom 16”
Indoor Broom 11″

Both come with Adjustable and Extendable Handle

Available directly through ISI Canada, by purchasing below.

Also available in Canada at Home Hardware and amazon.ca

Available in the USA at select Ace Hardware stores and amazon.com

Buy a Broom Head and get 50% off the Telescopic Handle at checkout! 


  • Cleans all around the house
  • Efficiently cleans complicated surface such as carpets, patios, patio stones, decking, cement – even grass.
  • Makes cleaning chores easy and saves time.
  • Fits with any Universal handle – or order with adjustable telescopic handle with broom head.

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