Pressure Plumber – Commercial Use



The PRESSURE PLUMBER is for commercial use.  Excellent application for use in Hospitals, Apartment Buildings, Restaurants, Hotels, Commercial environments with sinks and toilets, Marine application.

Clears Air Conditioning Condensation lines with optional A/C Condensation Line adapter.

PRESSURE PLUMBER clears most blocked or slow-moving drains instantly, powering through everything from soap to hair to grease without the use of harsh chemicals.  Environmentally friendly, it contains no harmful acids or lye.

Safe to use if you have a septic system and for use on all sound plastic and metal plumbing.

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12 Pack Case $191.40/Case of 12 cans ($15.95 each)
12 Pack Case $299.40 /Case of 12 Kits ($24.95 each)



  • Yellow adapter for Sinks and Bathtubs
  • Black Universal Adapter for Toilets, Floor Drains, Urinals
  • Handle for Use with Toilets, Floor Drains, Shower Stalls and Urinals

Available: OPTIONAL A/C condensation Line adapter.

The PRESSURE PLUMBER KIT, with its Universal Adapter, (CANADA AND USA PATENTED) allows the PRESSURE PLUMBER to be used in any drain (up to 6 inches in diameter) including toilets, shower stalls, floor drains, urinals, even drains with mechanical stoppers.

Yes, it can be safely used for Marine applications with Toilets!  Will instantly clear your Boat Head issues!

The Yellow Adapter fits snug into an open drain, sealing the drain for maximum effectiveness. Remove the yellow adapter and our advanced cap design allows the PRESSURE PLUMBER to power around a mechanical drain stopper.

The Black Universal Adapter is reversible and can be used for toilet, floor drain, shower drains, and urinals.

The 24 SHOT Re-fill Can:
The PRESSURE PLUMBER can is available in re-fill can sizes of 24 shots. The re-fill can delivers up to 24 applications.

Once you have the kit, you do NOT need to buy the whole kit.  Simply purchase a re-fill can from your retailer and just use the adapters depending on the application needed.  It is highly recommended to replace the kit from time to time for cleanliness and hygienic reasons.

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PRESSURE PLUMBER is capable of clearing blockages up to:

1-1/2″  pipe – 50 ft/16m
2″         pipe – 45ft/14.5m
2-1/2″ pipe –  35ft/11.2m
4″        pipe –  25ft/8m
5″        pipe –  18ft/5.8m
6″        pipe –   12ft/3.8m


– 300g or 10.5 oz
– yellow sink adapter


– includes 24 shot PRESSURE PLUMBER can
– 300g or 10.5 oz
– yellow sink adapter
– handle for floor drains or toilet use
– universal toilet/floor drain adapter


How to use the optional A/C CONDENSATION Hose Line Adapter:

  1. completely remove the green PRESSURE PLUMBER cap from the can by slightly pulling on the cap – it should come off easily – don’t worry – it will snap back on for regular sink and drain use.
  2. by removing the ‘green’ cap from the can, this exposes a “white” bushing.  REMOVE THIS WHITE BUSHING, by simply holding the can with your hand and using the top of your thumb to push off the white bushing.  DO NOT DISCARD the bushing as it will be needed to replace the GREEN CAP.  (the white bushing may come off with the green cap)
  3. take the “black round cap” end of the “A/C CONDENSATION HOSE LINE ADAPTER” and snap firmly onto the top rim of the can.  Make sure it is firmly in place.
  4. Lift the “lid” of the “black round cap” to access the activation button – do not press down just yet
  5. to clean and clear the A/C condensation line, expose the end of the A/C condensation line at the A/C to allow the insertion of the nozzle attached to the A/C Condensation Hose Line Adapter
  6. Insert the NOZZLE end of the adapter hose into the open end of the A/C Condensation line.  While firmly holding the nozzle into place, press down on the activation button and HOLD FOR ONE – 2 SECONDS ONLY! Repeat if necessary.
  7. Close the round black lid to avoid accidental discharge of PRESSURE PLUMBER for next use.
  8. up to 24 uses with the 24 SHOT CAN!

Removing the  A/C Condensation Hose Line Adapter from the can:

  1. With one hand firmly hold can and with your other hand grip the ‘black round cap’ and pull up to remove.
  2. Replace “white”bushing inside the rim of the PRESSURE PLUMBER by working it into the rim.
  3. check to make sure the “white” bushing is snug and cannot fall out.
  4. replace the green cap by lightly twisting the PRESSURE PLUMBER can into the Green Cap until the Cap and Can are  (
  5. You are now ready to use PRESSURE PLUMBER on sinks and other drains.


Total length of adapter hose & nozzle: approx 39″


NOZZLE fits 3/8″ to 1″ (0.95cm- 2.54cm) condensation lines