Nut Cracker Plus+



Ingenious Multi-Purpose Nut Cracker!

Using a TRADITIONAL Nut Cracker can test your patience! Not with our Nut Cracker Plus+.   A product out of Germany, it is extremely durable and it works with all types of nuts.

The ingenious Nut Cracker Plus+ not only cracks open all types of nuts with ease, but it is also a bottle CAP REMOVER – even opens those hard to remove plastic champagne corks!

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Nut Cracker Plus+ How it works:
The Nut Cracker Plus+ makes it easy and fun. it accepts nuts of all shapes and sizes. Simply orient the nut one end facing down and squeeze. The “V” shape bowl distributes the closing pressure equally, gently cracking the shell without crushing the inner nut!

Plus+ Bottle Caps:
Hard to turn caps on bottles, medicine containers, food containers, etc. can be removed easily. Simply clamp and turn. Works on any cap that fits the “V” bowl.

Plus+ Champagne Corks:
Are you concerned about flying corks? Do you have a difficult time removing champagne corks? Nut Cracker+ is the answer. Simple clamp the cork and “pop”!